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Terms and conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS §1 SCOPE OF VALIDITY From 1st November 2015, business relations between SK-X® optical solutions GmbH (hereafter SK-X®) and opticians in the optical ski goggles network have been exclusively regulated by the general terms and conditions below. Opticians in the network recognise the exclusive applicability of the terms and conditions of SK-X® to overall business … Read more Terms and conditions

What is the UV protection rating of SK-X® lenses?

All goggles we produce have 100% UV protection. It is important to know that even transparent lenses offer 100% UV protection (but not glare protection). An optician in our SK-X® network can help you choose the right lens shade.

Since when has it been possible to fit optical lenses in ski goggles?

SK-X® optical solutions GmbH has been fitting patented glass developed by SK-X® in ski goggles since 2015. More than 350 partners in 11 countries now offer the service – and the number is rising steadily. New technological developments in the ophthalmic lens industry were a key factor in our solution.

What do SK-X® ski goggles with optical glass cost?

Depending on the optical lenses needed and the model of ski goggles chosen, goggles with made-to-measure SK-X® optical glass are available from €559. Since SK-X® cannot provide a binding price for legal reasons, the exact price is calculated by your optician.