SK-X | Crossbrille und Skibrille für Brillenträger

Prescription Enduro & MTB downhill goggles

SK-X® – Summer

The patented system for glazed prescription goggles – especially for enduro, motocross and mountainbiking

Finally, the season for two-wheelers is back! Motorised or not: optimal visibility is essential, but often neglected. Compromises should not be accepted, especially when it comes to sports where speed and precision play a crucial role.  With the new patented SK-X® system for glazed prescription lenses for motocross goggles you will have a clear view and your rides will be safer. No matter if on motocross tracks, circuits or downhill trails, clear visibility helps you to save energy for enhanced performance and concentration. The SK-X® technology is tailored to your needs and offers you a huge field of vision. This allows you to see small uneven spots even better and at the same time improves your balance and coordination skills.

  • SK-X | optische Crossbrille für Brillenträger | Adidas ID2
Adidas ID2

For motocross, enduro and downhill mountain bike racing, we can currently offer you to integrate the directly glazed prescription lenses with the SK-X® system into Adidas ID2 goggles. For those using tear-offs, we include the necessary pins on the sides. 

The SK-X® motocross and downhill goggles can be ordered from one of our more than 230 partners in more than 10 countries. They can also provide you with tear-offs, if needed. Here you will find the SK-X® opticians.

Adidas ID2 SK-X | für Brillenträger
SK-X | optische Crossbrille für Brillenträger | Adidas ID2