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Prescription Ski Goggles

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SKX® – Winter

Our patented glazed prescription ski goggles ensure better vision in winter sports.

The new SK-X® technology enables glazed prescription ski goggles to offer an enormous visual field. Moreover, the applied free-form lens technology enhances your peripheral vision, balance system and, therefore, your coordination skills. Our initial customer feedback in 2014 proved that winter sports enthusiasts felt much safer on the slopes and did not get tired as quickly.

Experience tells us that optimal vision has a positive impact on the general performance and capabilities of any athlete.

When it comes to the issue of safety in winter sports, we have set ourselves the goal of raising just as much awareness for optimal vision as was done for ski helmets in the past. After all, more than 30 percent of all skiers and snowboarders who usually wear glasses every day do not use prescription eyewear on the slopes. This is true, even though about 80 percent of all skiing accidents happen due to errors in perception.


of all people wearing glasses practice sports without prescription eyewear


of all skiing accidents happen due to poor visual perception


optimal vision – this is what the SK-X® system provides

Ski goggles  2018/19

Atomic Skibrille mit optischer Verglasung SK-X®
SK-X® optische Skibrille | Skibrille für Brillenträger | Atomic Revent Q

Atomic Revent Q

Atomic Revent Q Stereo is a premium goggle for all mountain skiers, featuring our Quick Click Lens system. It’s a mechanical system that works in seconds: when conditions change you click out one lens, click in a new one and you’re done. The medium-fit is perfect for most face shapes and comes with two double spherical lenses. They’re both scratch-resistant and anti-fog, with a multilayer treatment that protects against glare and eye fatigue. The model also features Live Fit technology for an instant individual fit that molds to your face and stays snug all day. And like all our goggles they’re designed and developed in-house at Atomic and made in Europe.

Atomic Count Stereo

SK-X® optische Skibrille | Skibrille für Brillenträger | Adidas ID2

Adidas Sport Eyewear. ID2

The Adidas ID2 continues to be one of the high-end products on the ski goggles market. The Austrian product is characterised by high-quality materials with a long service life.

The Adidas ID2 is provided with an additional quick-shift lens in order to be used effectively in both good and poor visibility conditions.The polycarbonate quick-shift lens is unbreakable and can be kept in your jacket pocket in its microfiber pouch.

You can customise your ski goggles by choosing between 3 different frame colours, 2 different colours for the double-layered lens and 3 different colours for the quick-shift lens.

One of our numerous network partners ( will help you to find the lenses which are optimally tailored to your needs.

SK-X | Optische Skibrille | Adidas ID2 black
SK-X | Optische Skibrille | Adidas ID2 carbon
SK-X | Optische Skibrille | Adidas ID2 white


From the very beginning, the most important requirement for our new patented SK-X glazed prescription ski goggles was to put an end to compromises.

The positive customer feedback proves that we succeeded in this. One of the reasons is that we decided to choose high-quality prescription lenses:only lenses with so-called free-form technology are used. This technology enables optimised imaging quality in the periphery of the lenses because the peripheral images have a strong influence on the interaction of both eyes and therefore on our coordination skills and balance system.

With an optimal visual correction you will be skiing more safely, distances and speed can be better estimated and you will be active and attentive for a longer period of time.

Safety strongly depends on visibility and this is particularly true for skiing

Our partner Zeiss are constantly working on further developing these systems to provide even higher safety for you and everyone else on the slope.