Our suppliers of optical lenses include world-leading producers in the field. All are known for outstanding quality and service.

Optical lenses can only be transferred to another model of the same type, e.g. in a different colour. Transferring lenses to another eyewear model is not usually possible, although we can check this in individual cases. Please forward enquiries of this nature to office@sk-x.eu.

Since the optical lenses are installed on the inside of the goggles, scratching them is all but impossible. The lenses are hardened with anti-reflective coating, and therefore easy to clean. If the front panel of the SK-X® goggles should be scratched, we can install the optical lenses in a new pair of goggles.

Our optical lenses are supplied with a 24-month quality guarantee. In the event of problems with the anti-reflective coating or the hard coating during this period, they will be replaced without question.

We can produce lenses from -6.00 (for near-sighted people) to +5.50 (for long-sighted people) and up to an astigmatism (corneal curvature) of -6.00 dioptres. For values outside of these ranges, please contact one of our 300-plus network partners. Alternatively, you can send your data to SK-X® optical solutions GmbH: office@sk-x.eu. We will check the possibilities for you.

All network partners are listed on our web site (www.sk-x.eu/en/find-optician). Your optician can also register as a network partner easily and free of charge.

All SK-X® ski goggles are made to measure according to your precise needs. Delivery times are in the region of 8-10 days.

Conventional lens cleaning fluids may be used to clean the lenses. If the foam becomes wet or damp after use, do not put the goggles in the case until dry. In common with all ski goggles on the market, wet foam can cause the lenses to fog more easily. If you place your goggles on the helmet, make sure the helmet is as dry as possible to prevent the foam from getting wet, which can cause the lenses to fog.

We rely on a strong network of specialist opticians in numerous European countries and in Colorado (USA). Online ordering is only possible for the POC Opsin Clarity.

The goggles we work with must meet certain technical criteria to guarantee the high quality of SK-X® glazing. Unfortunately, we cannot work with third-party products for technical and logistical reasons.

Yes, this is certainly possible. However, please note that rather than glazing the double lens of your ski goggles, a double lens of your choice with optical glass is newly produced from our catalogue.

You will not need a new pair of goggles; we can incorporate new optical lenses into your existing SK-X® goggles.

We integrate optical lenses exclusively into the double lens systems of established, premium quality ski goggles. The double lens configuration almost completely precludes the fogging that most wearers of ski goggles experience. This is a major advantage over clip-in systems or normal spectacles worn beneath ski goggles. However some misting is possible in very damp or wet conditions, and where the foam of the ski goggles becomes wet after a fall. If, for example, you remove your goggles and place them on the helmet in the gondola, please wipe the helmet first so that the foam of the ski goggles does not absorb any dampness from the helmet. Wet foam can cause the lenses to mist.

Any optician can become a network partner of SK-X® by registering free on our web site. Find your nearest SK-X® network partner here.

SK-X® optical solutions GmbH has been fitting patented glass developed by SK-X® in ski goggles since 2015.

The size of the curved lenses massively expands the field of peripheral vision by virtually eliminating blind spots. Improved peripheral perception also enhances your coordination and vestibular system.

The large optical lenses of the special sports goggles significantly improve field of vision, while lens fogging (common with clip-in systems or spectacles worn beneath ski goggles) is almost completely prevented. Moreover, the risk of injury associated with falls when wearing normal spectacles beneath ski goggles or a helmet visor is virtually eliminated with SK-X® goggles. At higher altitudes in particular, contact lens wearers complain of dry eyes and thus problems with contact lenses. By contrast, SK-X® ski goggles promise consistent image quality.

The lenses supply more information to the eyes than the kind of flat lenses found in conventional spectacles. It may take a short time to become accustomed to this (no more than 15-20 minutes for most eyeglass wearers). We recommend taking your first few descents slowly and cautiously to allow your brain to get used to processing the extra information. Testing the goggles at home – in familiar surroundings – can also be very helpful.

Depending on the optical lenses required and the ski goggle model selected, the ski goggles including the custom-made SK-X® glazing are available from € 521 (children’s model) and from € 658 (adult models). The exact price will be calculated by your optician, as a mandatory price from SK-X® is not possible for legal reasons.

All goggles we produce have 100% UV protection. It is important to know that even transparent lenses offer 100% UV protection (but not glare protection). An optician in our SK-X® network can help you choose the right lens shade.

Both the ski goggles and the optical lenses conform to valid European standards. For additional protection, the front panel of the ski goggles is made of shatterproof polycarbonate.

You can find the current models in the product catalog.

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